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Los Cuatro Gatos de Granados 
Project WILDCAT in Sonora, Mexico

​In May 2015, (GGO) began the Predator Conservation Program to protect predators in the Sky Islands Region in Sonora, Mexico. Project WILDCAT was started on on five private ranches and an ejido (communal land) near Granados in the northernmost jaguar breeding population. This area is in the Río Bavispe valley just north of the Northern Jaguar Reserve and 100 miles south of the Arizona border. In November, ranchers signed conservation agreements and wildlife biologist Memo Galaz placed wildlife cameras in prime habitats in foothills thornscrub, the northernmost habitat of the New World tropics.

Carnivore Conservation

Primero Conservation works directly with the local community for carnivore conservation. There is ongoing monitoring for jaguars, pumas, ocelots, and wildlife using game cameras. Our partners include ranchers and vaqueros working and living in the sierras. We have provided ranch infrastructure and management improvements for ranchers that agree to not kill jaguars, an act that is illegal, but largely uninforced.

Neotropical River Otters

Primero conservation has an ongoing otter monitoring program and will be expanding otter conservation efforts. Neotropical river otters face many threats across their range and within the Rio Yaqui Watershed including increased mining, agricultural pesticides and herbicides, invasive species, marijuana cultivation, and dams. There is little to no data on the population status of neotropical river otters and their natural history in Sonora, Mexico. Without this basic knowledge, it is unknown what conservation actions should be the highest priority.

Habitat Restoration

Primero Conservation will work with you and your organization to plan and/or execute restoration projects in riparian ecosystems and dryland  arid watersheds. Among other projects, we are currently restoring habitat on the lower Gila River, planting native trees on the Rio Bavispe, and restoring grassland habitat in southern Arizona.

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Conservation Planning

We specialize in cooperative conservation, working to do on-the-ground soil, water, and wildlife conservation while working with agriculturalists, livestock producers, and environmental NGOs. We can work with your ranch or NGO to write a conservation plan and apply for grants. Project management for ranches, small organizations, or NGOs is especially difficult with limited staff, no staff, or volunteer-only members. We can manage conservation projects including, but not limited to, conservation plans, natural resource management, restoration, and volunteer service projects.​

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