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Finding and Implementing

Alternative Conservation Solutions


PRIMERO CONSERVATION works on approximately 420 sq km— 11 ranches that are Conservation Management Units (UMA) designated by the Mexican Federal Government, located southwest of Nacori Chico, Mexico. Our Jaguar Team is composed of vaqueros and science specialists working side by side.


JAGUARS are perhaps the most powerful cultural icon for wildlife and wildlands in Latin America. They are also umbrella species in that the maintenance of jaguar populations requires the conservation of large areas of habitat, which protect an immense diversity of other species. Jaguars face severe problems, primarily related to direct illegal killing throughout its range and habitat loss and fragmentation.



NEOTROPICAL RIVER OTTER populations extend into the this wild region in the Rio Yaqui Watershed. There is very little known about these animals in this area and even less about their conservation needs. Primero Conservation is currently monitoring and surveying for these elusive otters along the Rio Bavispe and Rio Aros.


IN PARTNERSHIP with, we are working directly with ranchers in Sonora to reduce carnivore conflict by improving ranch management methods that decrease livestock killing by carnivores. We believe that conservation work must be done to benefit the local economy and local people to effectively benefit the environment and wildlife.


RESTORATION PROJECTS span Arizona, New Mexico, and Sonora. Working on rangelands, desert riparian ecosystems, and dryland watersheds to increase wildlife habitat while improving forage. We approach restoration projects with holistic methods that are guided by long-term habitat goals.


IN COLLABORATION with like-minded organizations, we help fund, implement, and manage conservation projects. By collaborating, we can share knowledge and expertise and expand on-the-ground conservation work. We proudly work with ranchers, landowners, conservationists, environmental groups, and students to complete conservation objectives that span political and ideological boundaries.


Mission Statement

PRIMERO CONSERVATION 501(c)(3) works to conserve, enhance, and restore Mexico's endangered carnivore species by collaborating with ranches, landowners, communities, and organizations through science-based partnerships that improve wildlife habitat and support social and economic development.

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